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Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Abelson: 703

Allbrook: basement

Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility (ADBF): 2062, 2064, 3062, 3064, 4062, 4064

Animal Science: second floor

Beasley Coliseum: 104C

Bustad: 157, 159

Child Care Building: within building

Chinook: locker room: basement & restrooms on ground and first floor; more information available here.

Commons: second floor

Community-Duncan Dunn: first floor lobby adjacent to desk

Compton Union Building (CUB): lower level (LL) and second floor

Eastlick: in basement (inside the vivarium)

Education Addition: 381, 385

Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering: near room 507

Fine Arts Building: 5069

Food Quality: 102

Gannon-Goldsworthy: located in basement by vending machines; lobby across from front desk; media room

Holland Library: near the photo labs

Honors: first floor near the Honors College area

Johnson Tower: 128, 311, 411, 711, 811

Kimbrough: two bathrooms in lobby area.

Martin Stadium: 16, 36, 75, 3106

McCoy Hall: within building

McCroskey Hall: basement, near the Hill front desk

Morrill Hall: third floor (key access)

Northside: first floor behind the front desk

Olympia Avenue Residence Hall: ground level

Regents Hall: first floor across from the front desk; lower level from spiral staircase; upper level from spiral staircase

Rogers Hall: main lobby

Scott-Coman: behind main desk in the lobby

Seedhouse: 115

Smith Gym: 103B (Intramural Office)

Streit-Perham: main lobby- one near the study tables and one directed by signage

Student Recreation Center: first floor; locker room located to the left of the Service Counter.

Thermal Fluids: near shop area

Washington Building: within building

Webster Hall: within building

Wegner Hall: within building