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Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

So that WSU can best support you through your transition, you can meet with your supervisor to discuss topics including the following:

  1. The role you would like your supervisor to play in communicating with your co-workers and others on campus about your transition (e.g., letter, face-to-face, individual discussions, etc.);
  2. (If needed and relevant) Establishment of a flexible timeline for your transition in relation to co-workers and others on campus. This may include items such as anticipated time off for transition-related medical care, when to inform others, and when to update your name in the university systems;
  3. Whether you believe an educational workshop or facilitated conversation would be beneficial for your co-workers, and further the maintenance of a respectful working environment. If you think this would be beneficial, you will also discuss timing, content, participants, and whom should be conducting the training.  You should never be required to participate in the training or conversation, but should be invited to do so.