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Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

WSU policies (EP 15) and the Washington Law Against Discrimination explicitly prohibit discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and expression.  All WSU staff, faculty, and administrators are responsible for following the provisions of EP 15.  Supervisors are responsible for promptly addressing discrimination and harassment, including behavior taking the form of jokes, in consultation with CRCI.  You should also be aware that most WSU employees have EP 15 reporting requirements, meaning that if they learn of discrimination and/or harassment, they may be required to report that information to CRCI.  If that occurs, CRCI will reach out to you with resources and reporting options; you may decide whether or not you would like to work with CRCI.  If you do have a concern about discrimination or harassment based on gender identity or expression, you may contact CRCI directly for assistance or to make a complaint.  Alternatively, you can begin by speaking to the Director of GIESORC for advice or assistance on filing a complaint with CRCI.

In some cases, WSU employees with supervisory responsibility must take immediate action to end offending conduct and protect the well-being of the complainant. Supervisors must take such interim measures in consultation with CRCI, HRS, and the WSU Division of the Attorney General’s Office.