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Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

Symposium Schedule

3:45-4:00pm- Check In

Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center
4:00-5:00pm- Session 1

Queering the Generations: Gamers, Cholas and Trans Generations: Moderated by Stephanie Kalili
Golden Eagle & Serpent/Coyote Rooms
Shea Cooke, "That's so gay!" Sexuality and Gender Based Humor in Online Gaming Communities
Veronica Sandoval, To Queer the Chola: Radical Queer Politics en Un Mundo Zurdo
Cyn Zavala, Nuancing the Trans* Generational Gap

Queer of Color Historiographies: Moderated by Samantha Edgerton
Turtle & Sankofa Rooms
Paulina Abustan, Queer Kapwa: Bridging our Pilipnx and Turtle Island Communities
Alejandrx Martinez, Nuevo España and the Assimilation of Post-Colonial Identities into White Gendered Expectations
Terlona Knife, Imagining Saartje Baartman and Black Venus’ as Erotic Asexuals

5:15-6:15pm- Session 2

Texts and (Pedagogical) Contexts: Moderated by Jaime Nolan
Golden Eagle & Serpent/Coyote Rooms
Nicholas Binford, More Than Cruising: Images of Queer Utopia in Dahlgren
Ricardo Ramirez, Using EdTech for Teaching Queer: Pedagogical Implications for Composition Teachers
Leah Wilson, “Growing Sideways”: Michelle Tea’s Memoirs and the Queering of (Her)Story

Queering the Medical Humanities: Moderated by Sylvia Bullock
Turtle & Sankofa Rooms
Heather Ramos, A Queer Ecofeminist Critique of National LGBT Cancer Projects
Kayley DeLong, Theory because I was Hurting: Engaging with Queer Subversions in Chronically Pained Bodies
Brianne Posey, 50 Shades Darker: Queer Students of Color and Mental Health in Higher Ed


6:15-6:45pm- Dinner
Living Room
6:45-7:45pm- Keynote: C. Riley Snorton
Living Room