Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

Ally Training

Ally Training is a two hour, interactive workshop that will provide participants with a basic overview of terminology and current issues as they relate to LGBTQ individuals.

Trans Ally Training provides participants with the opportunity to join a support network for those who identify outside the gender binary. In this session you will learn about the specific challenges facing Trans* individuals and gain skills to help you in being a supportive ally.

Ally Training is a crucial element to GIESORC outreach. The GIESORC Ally training program invites faculty, staff, and students to join a support network for sexual and gender minorities and their allies. Participants typically attend single two hour training, or (2) one-hour trainings, where they learn about the specific challenges facing LGBTQ individuals.

The purpose of the training is to educate the WSU community about LGBTQ issues, and provide the tools to help each participant become a supportive ally for LGBTQ people. At the end of the training, participants may choose to post an ally placard someplace visible, indicating their willingness to work towards a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

WSU employees can now receive credit for completing Ally training. They need only to register through HRS.